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Since starting Boot Camp with Paul 2 years ago I have noticed a huge change in my body. I am stronger and my back no longer bothers me. I also find it is good for my emotional well-being. Paul is a wonderful trainer who is very experienced and runs an excellent program. He works with the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically. Paul makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun! I would recommend this Boot Camp to everyone! Thanks Paul!  - Lor

Working out has become fun! Because of this class I have become stronger, better balanced and have more energy and flexibility. Paul's friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Paul also encourages you to get the most that you can from the workout. - Jo

Prior to my starting Boot Camp with Paul I had chronic lower back pain, an aching hip and was overall in pretty sad physical shape. Paul's Boot Camp training sessions have helped me to eliminate all my aches and pains. I am in the best physical shape of my life. Through his comprehensive coaching on the correct form for weight resistance training, Paul has ensured my progress is not hampered by injuries. Training sessions with Paul are always a positive experience due to his enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and professionalism. - Lyn

I worked with Paul who was a happy go lucky pleasant human being at the office. To my good fortune I discovered he was a fitness trainer at about the same time I had reached a plateau/grown bored with my current workout regime. At all times Paul remains upbeat and friendly even when he would be the envy of the Marquis de sade, those agonizing times when my tears and sweat intermingle in a blur of hot pain and fear and I wish for the workout or at least my consciousness to end. I would never consider using any other fitness resource because of the professionalism and friendliness I mentioned above. Cut Weight Fitness, more than anything else has given me a variety of exercises different from the tired weights and machines. This combined with proper posture, motions, and rediscovered intensity has had greater effect in a short time than years of the traditional repetitions. - Tom

Paul has been my trainer for the past two years. He is able to get the most out of you in a training session while keeping the sessions enjoyable. After experiencing great results, I hate to miss a session! I would recommend Paul's boot camp to anyone looking to get fit, build muscle mass and/or lose weight and inches. - Shari

Cut Weight Fitness believes in helping out the community and its charity of choice is the Calgary Poppy Fund/Veterans Food Bank 

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